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Increased goal completions


Goal Conversation rate in 2020


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Development Brief

For more than 60 years, Shrubbery Vets have provided exemplary veterinary care to pets in Northwest Kent. However, their website was not only cosmetically outdated, it was ill-equipped to handle the required level of security to protect client data. When they came to us, they were looking for a site that was smart, safe and secure.

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Northfleet, Kent

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Design & Development

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Search Optimised Build Approach

Due to the outdated nature of the client’s website, we felt that the best approach was to create a brand new website that would accommodate their existing content, which was already performing well. We migrated this onto their new site, and adjusted the layout to fit with the new design. This included changing the structure of the content to fit SEO best practices.

Created a brand-new, modernised website

Migrated content from old website

Altered content layout to fit with modern SEO practices


Development Results

Shrubbery Vets has a long history and is highly valued by their clients thanks to their outstanding services. We created a brand new site retains the character that their clients know and love, whilst updating its appearance and features to create an optimal user experience, keeping the old font as a homage to their heritage and crafting a cleaner layout with new security measures in place to ensure the site is up-to-date with contemporary practices to preserve their clients data. Ultimately, our new site has increased their conversions and brought a host of new clients to their practice.


Increased conversion rate


Increased goal completions

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